Press Service for This Year’s 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall

25 years Fall of the Berlin Wall_visualization by Kulturprojekte Berlin_ WHITEvoid Christopher Bauder, Photo: Daniel Büche

All Information About Berlin’s Most Thrilling Breakthrough
Important information for media representatives: Factsheet – media information 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall

Press Releases

Overview of all press releases from visitBerlin:

11.11.2014 visitBerlin reached more than 400 million internet users with its live anniversary weekend coverage

11.11.2014 More than 1 million visitors commemorate anniversary

08.11.2014 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall: Berlin and visitBerlin thank its partners and friends from around the world

07.11.2014 The success story of Berlin tourism Since 1989, the number of visitors has increased nearly five-fold
07.11.2014 Berlin shares the Fall of the Wall anniversary celebration with the world visitBerlin social media channels to feature live images

30.10.2014 Berlin commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall from 7–9 November

20.10.2014 Berlin advertises itself with worldwide image film

15.10.2014 Hotel Packages Fall of the Wall 2014

22.09.2014 Seeing the Places of History – Berlin: 25 Years Later

08.09.2014 Berlin expects crowds to mark 25 years after the fall of the Wall

02.04.2014 Berlin takes exhibition marking 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Spain

20.09.2013 25 years “Fall of the Berlin Wall”

Basic Information

From divided city to global metropolis. What does Berlin represent today? Why is Berlin “the place to be” 25 years after the fall of the Wall? We give you an overview and thematic suggestions for your coverage about one of the most exciting cities in the world, Berlin.

Factsheet: 25 Years Fall of the Wall – Anniversary Project

25 Years Later – Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Fall of the Berlin Wall: 1989–2014 Special Sites

Memories of the Separation – Memorials and Museums

The Berlin Wall. History – Testimonies – Relics

Where the Wall Used to be

Berlin – History of a Rapidly Changing City

News Service – Berlin. 25 Years Later. Welcome

visitBerlin offers a special service with 24 articles dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall. If you would like to be kept informed about new articles, just sign up here!

You will find all published articles here.

Professional Photos to Download and Video Footage

Anyone looking for picture material about the Berlin Wall will find what they need here. If you need more information, you are welcome to contact our press office: In the download area from Kulturprojekte Berlin you will find photo material as well as some links to historical photographic archives.

The official video about the „Lichtgrenze“ installation is available here.

Berlin – 25 years later: Here you can see the deep and positive changes the city has experienced since the Fall of the Wall.

All activities at a glance

Events: Fall of the Wall – Web

Events: Fall of the Wall – PDF

Program along the Lichtgrenze (light border)

Interesting and Useful Links

Berlin. 25 years later. Welcome.

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