Moments to remember – Berlin celebrated the Fall of the Wall

Mauerfall am Brandenburger Tor c visitBerlin Foto: Dirk Mathesius

A weekend full of emotions – a weekend to remember: On 9th November, Berlin celebrated 25 years Fall of the Wall. One million Berliners and visitors from all over the world were on-site, at Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and East-Side-Gallery. They followed the 8.000 balloons of the light border, walked along the former wall and shared their memories.

The highlight of the weekend was the celebration at Brandenburg Gate on the evening of 9th November – and the moment that everyone was waiting for: The balloons took off to the Berlin sky.

Moments to remember in photos

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Best of #BLN25YearsLater
Friday 7th November
Saturday 8th November
Sunday 9th November

Highlights of the weekend